The Deluxe Goat

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The Deluxe Goat is our #1 selling tool for climbing roofs. With its extra 4′ extension pole for a total of 24 linear feet, you’ll have greater reach to tackle even the most challenging projects on roofs. Designed for steep roofs up to 12/12 pitch or 45°, the deluxe is the perfect option for extra length and getting on steep roofs period.


  • (6) 4′ poles
  • Hook with wheel
  • Soft touch pad
  • Hinge pins
  • Duffle bag

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The Deluxe Goat

Product Length: 24 Ft.

  • Weight limit do not exceed 350 lbs when using this device.
  • Roof pitch limits do not exceed 45 degrees /12/12 pitch.
  • Do not pull up when using this device on a roof.
  • Be sure device is secure on the roof before applying your weight.
  • DANGER watch for wires this device conducts electricity.
  • This device is to be used only as intended, intended use first man up, last man down and or one-man inspection tool.
  • Do not use as a work platform.
  • Always maintain a three-point stance.


  • (6) 4′ poles
  • Hook with wheel
  • Soft touch pad
  • Hinge pins
  • Duffle bag


Introducing The Deluxe Goat, the ultimate tool for steep roofing tasks. This innovative product is designed to make climbing steep slope roofs easier and offer unparalleled convenience. With its extra 4′ extension pole compared to the Compact Goat, you can now reach greater heights and tackle any roofing challenge with ease.

Used by many professionals who climb roofs for a living including:

  • Roofers
  • Christmas light installers
  • Pest control companies
  • Window cleaning providers
  • Roof inspectors
  • Insurance claim adjusters
  • Solar contractors and more.

Widely know for its unique design to easily climb roofs, The Deluxe Goat is the preferred choice for pros who frequently need to climb steep roofs.

Featuring a roof pitch limit of 45 degrees or 12/12 pitch, this tool makes transitioning from a ladder onto a roof simple and safe while giving you stability with handles that also work as steps during your roofing tasks.

Its unique design and functionality set it completely apart from other roofing climbing tools on the market, making it the deluxe goat of steep roofing assistance.

The Deluxe Goat comes with a handy carrying case, ensuring easy storage and help avoid lost poles. Lets face it, nobody likes misplaced tools!

Its lightweight design makes it effortless to stage, change position, and maneuver on any roof.

Upgrade your roofing experience with The Deluxe Goat. Get your hands on this essential tool and simplify your work on even the most challenging roofs.

Additional information

Weight25 lbs

Reviews (37)

37 reviews for The Deluxe Goat

  1. NP

    Nairobi p. (verified owner)

    Good quality, it has been very useful for my roofing company

  2. RB

    Robert B. (verified owner)

    Could not access my roof until I purchased the goat. Now it is so easy.

  3. AK

    Adam K. (verified owner)

    It’s a solid product that I’d recommend to anyone thinking about buying it. It’s light weight and really helps with steep peaks. It was a bit different than I imagine. It takes some getting use to since the hand and footholds are not on the sides of the pole acting like a ladder. Even with that awkward feeling at first, I would again recommend it to anyone who is on the fence. Buy it and you’ll see why everyone loves it.

  4. RP

    Richard P. (verified owner)

    Very good product.

  5. GT

    Gary T. (verified owner)

    I got a call from one of my salesman. He was on an inspection and got to the peak of a steep roof 3 stories up, and couldn’t get down because of loose granules. I grabbed the Goat and went to the site. He was sitting on the peak with an embarrassed look on his face. I told him to throw down his wallet and I would assemble the Goat. I got it up the ladder hooked it over the peak and he was home for dinner.

  6. DK

    Dennis K. (verified owner)

    I am a public adjuster. This is a great tool for steep roofs. Adds the little bit of Pressure to keep it safe. You can get the extra photos to document damage Wish I had this 25 years ago.

  7. TM

    Tommy M. (verified owner)

    Been a lifesaver with steep roofs during Christmas Light installation

  8. WS

    Woody S. (verified owner)

    Well worth the money and works great.

  9. JN

    Jarrett N. (verified owner)

    Helped out our roof jobs so much!

  10. DB

    Doug Bayer (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t leave home without it!

  11. MS

    Matthew S. (verified owner)

    The goat hook is awesome! It’s a needed tool for anyone going on roofs. I just started a Christmas Light installation company this year and this makes the job go by so much quicker and 10x safer. Looking to buy a second hook shortly!

  12. EB

    Ethan B. (verified owner)

    Works great iv used it several times definitely worth the money

  13. AR

    Austin R. (verified owner)

    Greatest of all time

  14. D

    David (verified owner)

    What a nice tool to have on the truck. Professional looking, makes people think you are ahead of the industry. Cool to show off how it works and best of all adds safety to your jobs. What a difference! Fast shipping too. Love the blue and yellow and quality aluminum construction. Light enough to use and fits in a nice looking bag. It’s an investment at over $700 but it’s a must have for any roofer, roof cleaner, handyman, Christmas light installer etc.

  15. CD

    Cody D. (verified owner)

    Great product!

  16. S

    Steve (verified owner)

    Works great, we install Christmas lights and it definitely helps the guys feel better on the steep roof jobs we have

  17. R

    Ryan (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase. I use the goat on a daily basis to inspect roofs as a field adjuster. It has allowed me to quickly and safely inspect nearly any roof.

  18. DG

    Derek G. (verified owner)

    The GOAT is a life saver literally. My team member used the goat assist to summit a steep peek on a roof while executing Christmas light installation. Keep your guys safe while making light hanging efficient.

  19. B

    Brock (verified owner)

    We install lightning protection systems so we have to climb up to the ridges and some roof’s are 12/12, 15/12 pitches and my men love this type of ladder to get up to the ridges. Great type of ladder. I’ll probably be purchasing another one for our other van.

  20. DB

    Damian B. (verified owner)

    Great design concept

  21. J

    Jeff (verified owner)

    Lightweight and easy to use

  22. KB

    Karl B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product .

  23. JH

    Jesse H. (verified owner)

    Wanted one of these for years. Lightweight, easy to handle and safes time and gets you exactly where you want to be. Good investment. Thank you.

  24. JS

    Jason S. (verified owner)


  25. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to use and got me to the top of my steep roof safely, can’t ask for much more than that.

  26. DM

    David M. (verified owner)

    So glad I bought this. Worth all the money and I didn’t have any of the stress and anxiety with roof climbs.

    Needed to install a phone booster antenna on a 2-story with a steep roof.
    This thing made life so much easier.

  27. RM

    Robby M. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  28. JD

    Jered D. (verified owner)

    Worked great to get up my 10/12 pitch roof. This device gives me a secure way to get up and down. Should have purchased years ago.

  29. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    works exactly as stated was able to accomplish my job.

  30. A

    Angie (verified owner)

    Performs as advertised! Allowed me to get up a very steep portion of my roof to reach another level of the roof that had leaks. Once I assembled it (easy) and manuevered it into place (also fairly easy), I was extremely glad I had not bought a heavier ladder combo for this purpose.

  31. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product!

  32. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    We don’t roof a lot, but we have to cut holes for B-vent several times throughout the year when we can’t catch the roofers on new homes in time. This made the task seem safer for us so it’s worth the investment to keep your team safe.

  33. JD

    Joe D. (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but impressed with its construction quality. I have seen it used and look forward to using it myself.

  34. JH

    Jeff H. (verified owner)

    Great safe way to inspect those steep roofs!

  35. BA

    Brian Arnold (verified owner)

    Good product. Thanks

  36. DJ

    David J. (verified owner)

    Very helpful on the steep ones!

  37. S

    Shane (verified owner)

    Great ladder! Probably ordering a second one!

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